Friday, April 4, 2008

SEO for a New Website or Blog

You have launched a new website or a blog now you are looking for getting traffic on to your website. The biggest source of traffic is the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, AltaVista etc.

These Search Engines have become quite smart for the last several years and now it’s not all that easy to fool the technology by link stuffing or similar Techniques. However, if you are serious about this then over a period of time which could be from 5 to 6 months you could bring your website up at a competitive position in these search engines.

However, the question arises for the newbie’s where to begin. Well once you have acquired a website or created a website or blog follow these steps;

1) Submit your website or Blog:

After creating the website your next target should be to submit that website to all the major search engines and web directories. The must submit websites include Google, Yahoo, Msn, Technorati, Alltheweb etc. The process is fairly easy, similar to filling any from. If you can create an email then surely you can very easily submit your websites and blogs.
2) Verify your websites:

Verification and submission of the website or blog are two different things for some search engines. Like if you are going to verify your blog or website to Google then what is required is for you to have a Gmail Mail Account and then you have to login to “Google Webmaster Central” and there you will find the tools and instruction required to submit the website. Similarly follow the easy instructions on the Technorati and Yahoo to complete the procedure.
3) Quality and Frequency of Content:

Now the next step that is required is to keep the content of your website fresh. Keep updating your website as much as you can. In such a competitive age you need to update your website twice or three times a day at times. The more fresh content you will feed the more trust you’ll gain from Search Engine’s point of view.

The Second step in this was to provide quality content. Search Engine Optimization or SEO not only refers to the doing things for the Search Engine. On the contrary you need to provide quality content to your visitors too so that they could keep coming back to your websites or Blog.
4) Building Links:

On frequent basis you have to build links with other websites who are dealing with the same topic as yours. This Back links process actually is a sort of voting system by other websites that this website is worthy enough to link to as it contains useful information.

Now these are the first few beginners’ steps you need to start doing as frequently as you can if you want to optimize your website for the Search Engines. In this article I have highlighted a few broader points which are the decisive factors for a website to rank well in a website.

In my next article I would be writing more about each and every factor in detail so that all the beginners should start focusing on all the steps same as the SEO PRO are doing. More quality articles could also be traced back at

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