Saturday, April 5, 2008

SEO requires surfer friendly content

At times I have come across websites whose content is too complicated or is not easy to comprehend for an ordinary person. One thing to keep in mind while reading or posting any content on your website is to make sure that you remember the “Rule” you are not going to visit your website yourself, the website is created for people or readers so keep this thing in your mind to optimize the text for them.

Easier the content of your website, easier for the user to get the information and if they find it useful they would like to come back to it again.

Therefore, in order to create a good impression and retain the traffic to your website you need to create the content keeping in mind the targeted traffic.

The readability of your web pages influences your sales

Many webmasters and bloggers use long sentences or use technical jargons in order to create an impression of a professional in the field and what they end up creating is a bad impression instead. The average web surfer is not all that equipped with technical jargons so try to simplify things as much as you can.

Now apart for creating easy to understand content your layout of the website should also be easy to navigate. If you are hosting a website for sales or pay per click campaign then special attention is required to ensure where you place the ads and what layout would be best for the work.

SEO is again not only a practice for the search engines it is a practice to make the readers or web surfers experience on your website more productive. Thus need to pay special attention to each and every detail.

However, in my next article I would highlight how to tweak the layout of the website from Search Engine Optimization or SEO point of view.

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