Saturday, April 5, 2008

How to submit blogger blog to google

I have been asked this question many a times and still keep on receiving the question in my emails and as comment to my post elsewhere that how do you submit a blog to Google. Especially how to submit a Blogger's blog to google.

Now firstly let me star right from beginning so everyone could easily understand. Follow these steps for verification of website or Blogs.

1) Go to Google Webmaster Central. They might ask you for logging in. If you have google account well and good if not , create one on gmail its fairly easy. Now once you have logged in to Google Webmaster account. Then it will ask you to enter the web URL. Enter the Blog or Email address.

2) Now it will prompt you for verifying the website if its not already verified. Once you hit the verify tab. Then it will give you two methods of verification. One would be to upload a file at the rood of your hosting domain and the other one is to edit a code inside your home or front page.

3) Now if you are going to verify a website then its easy. However, verifying the blog could be tricky. As the Blogger blog doesn't give you any option to upload anything. But most of new guys what they don't know is that they still have an option to verify their blogger blog through the 2nd process " Entering HTML code inside the meta of the blog "

4) Now copy the code from the webmaster central page, assuming that you are already logged in to the blogger. Go to the customer layout option and there you will find a tab for EDIT HTML. Hit that and then paste the code from Google Webmaster Central right under " head " tag which would be at about 8 or 9th line inside the script.

Make sure that you don't change anything else. Cause that might ruin the script. And that's all there is to it. Once you have saved the HTML page after pasting go back to the Google Webmaster Central and hit verify and it will verify you blog.

So that's how easy it is to verify your blogger's blog in Google.

Hope this helps.

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