Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If you run a local business, your first priority in search engine optimization should not be to focus on the most popular, universal keyword phrases,

Today let me share some really good and effective Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks with you. These Search Engine Marketing Tips are let me assure you first these are all white hat techniques and I will never be sharing any blackhat technique here on this blog.
Search Engine Marketing Techniques that are being employed by the SEO Guru's are no different that what you would see here or what you might read in Search Engine Articles on any good Article Submission Web directory.
Reason why I never encourage anyone to use black hat techniques are quite simple. Well these techniques might give you some success in fooling the system and you might end up making some money "FOR A WHILE' eventually you will be busted and then your account if its Adsense then that would be banned. It happens all the time and all those guys who are invovled in such things realise this when they get the Email from Google for there Account Suspension.
As said before Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing are quite simple and what is requried is patient and persistence. Anways enough of that lets get straight to what are the todays tips;
If you run a local business, your first priority in search engine optimization should not be to focus on the most popular, universal keyword phrases, but to focus on local keyword phrases that get fewer searches.
While it is a good idea to invest some time in optimizing for those popular keyword phrases throughout your seo campaign, you should first be concerned about getting visitors to your site, and, especially if you service a local area, you should be interested in bringing in local clients.

Essentially, there are two types of search engine optimization universal search engine optimization and local search engine optimization. The importance of each depend greatly on the nature of your business.
If you offer a service or product that clients throughout the country, and perhaps the world, are interested in, then you should optimize for universal keywords. Example: You sell laptop computers on the internet and ship throughout the world. Your primary interest would be to rank highly for terms such as 'laptop computers'.
If you run a local small business such as a flower shop, law firm, or car dealership, you want to attract local patrons, and it does no good to bring in customers from California if your business is in Maryland. If you run a car dealership you should be interested in terms such as 'baltimore ford dealer' or 'maryland ford dealership'.

A well-planned seo strategy first identifies which type of search engine optimization you require: universal or local. If you require local search engine optimization, here are a few helpful steps you can follow.

Analyze keywords on Wordtracker or Trellian and determine which are the most popular universal terms.

Log on to Google Adwords keyword phrase suggestion tool.

Enter local search engine optimization keyword phrases in the box provided (check Descriptive words or phrases). Utilize the most popular universal keyword phases and localize them. If the most popular universal term is 'ford dealer' then search for 'baltimore ford dealer. All try searching for local counties and other local cities from which customers may come to your business.

Google will provide information regarding that particular keywords level of advertiser competition and both last month's and this month's search frequency. If the local keyword phrase has been searched, record that phrase and continue to the next one.

Once you've developed a substantial list of local search engine optimization phrases, you can continue on with your internet marketing campaign.

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