Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to Bring Your Page Rank Down

First of all, some people give importance to PageRank and others don't. You do not need to worry about your PageRank much, however it is an indication of how many backlinks your website has, how good it is optimized.

When search engine software called spiders visit your website, they follow each of your site links, as long as the links have not the nofollow tag, or other signals for search engines to ignore certain links. Like robots files or instructions to spiders in the meta tags.

Now PageRank is given to your homepage and each of your website pages. The PageRank comes from those websites that link to you. So when someone links to your website it is like they are giving you some of their PageRank. The higher their PageRank number the more PageRank they give you.

That means the more websites linking to you the higher your PageRank will be.
So it's important not to link to other peoples sites if you don't have to. You will give them some of your website PageRank when you do so. So avoid linking to other websites from your own, or put the nofollow tags on these types of links. That way spiders ignore these links completely.

When you do link exchanges you give some PageRank but also receive from your link partner. It is important to check they still keep linking to your site because if not you give them PageRank and they give you none. If you have many link partners that do not link back to you, in the end the result will be bad. You will probably not only loose some PageRank but for sure rankings.

To fix the problem, you either contact those webmasters that removed your link, see why they did so and try to make them link back to you again. If they do not remove their links from your website.

In a certain way, the more links you have the higher your PageRank will be. Now your own website pages pass PageRank to each other. So if you link to your homepage from your blog you are giving some of your blog PageRank to your homepage.

The solution is to make sure the most important webpages of your site get the most PageRank. Make sure they are not passing PageRank to other pages they do not really require. It is better that your homepage gets the most PageRank rather then your privacy policy webpage.

So make sure you put the nofollow tags properly on your site, so certain webpages do not receive too many PageRank, while the important pages receive the most PageRank and do not loose a lot. A webpage looses PageRank when it links to another page within the same site or links to another site completely.

Your PageRank improves more if you get one way links. These are links you get when you submit your articles, submit your site to directories, get links from forums, blogs, and other places where you do not link back. So unlike link exchanges these websites give you PageRank and you give none.

Those are the sites that help you increase your PageRank really fast. But they are also the toughest sites to get links from, because it is easier to make a link exchange since there are millions of sites doing link exchanges. Article directories are limited in amount and even other methods of getting one way links.

So make sure you treat your PageRank well, so your most important pages get the most PageRank. That all helps your rankings improve.
Page rank of any website holds great deal of significance if you want your website to rank on page 1 of Google. Google Page Rank, Yahoo Page Rank and Msn Page Rank exact parameters are unkown and are safely guarded by the companies. However, the tips and tricks to increase your page rank or the things to avoid which I discussed above will help you to increase your page rank.

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